The Idea

The idea came about the way most ideas do: after a significant amount of time crying into a pillow with a bottle of wine glued to the hand of me, Brittany Mancuso Roper. Following years of self-doubt and the recurring painful realization that life doesn’t magically improve over time, I noticed that a lot of coaching services and self-help guides were geared towards creating and maintaining a positive outlook on life. While having a positive mindset is certainly beneficial, sometimes life sucks. Sometimes, thinking positively doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, you have to live with the suck and deal with the suck. That’s where The Life Sucks Coach comes in.

The Method

The Life Sucks Coach is first and foremost an information hub. It is meant to be used as a resource to get you through the hard times. From trivial problems, like a bad haircut, to grave issues like financial troubles, grief, and relationship anxiety, The Life Sucks Coach rounds up tips and tricks from experts on how to deal with life’s sucky moments.  

The Why

Why should you choose to follow a complete stranger? Life experience matters. As a recovered sufferer of Anorexia Nervosa and as a sufferer of anxiety, depression, and Body Dysmorphic Disorder, I’ve had had my fair share of ups and downs. I have planned funerals, buried a parent, engaged in self-mutilation, abused anti-depressants, gone down the “WebMD” rabbit hole more times than I’d care to admit, experienced marital hardships, and I understand that allowing oneself to think negative thoughts and feel negative feelings is not only normal, it is needed.  There is a disconnect in the coaching world; a gap, if you will. I am looking to close the gap between positivity and negativity; to prove to others that it’s impossible to shit rainbows when you’re constipated. LSC is a play on traditional life coaching…because, well, I’m kind of an asshole.

The Disclaimer

The Life Sucks Coach is a safe place and it is a vulgar place. If you can’t roll with the word “fuck,” then it’s best to find a milder blog. One size does not fit all here at The Life Sucks Coach. This website was born out of the idea that negativity is not a bad thing and that we need to stop trying to rid the world of negative thoughts and emotions. If you disagree, don’t waste your time contacting me. I am well aware that a large number of people, especially life coaches, will disagree with me. Here it comes:

I don’t care about your opinion, nor do I care to hear about your “issues” with my blog. Go help someone see the sunshine between the clouds. I’ll be here helping the people that are stuck in a downpour without an umbrella.

I will forever and always be an advocate for people that need to bitch and moan and sit in the muck and mud that life throws at them. I will not apologize for that. I am not promoting unhealthy, negative mindsets. I am well aware of the science behind rewiring the brain. Here’s the thing: when you’re burying a parent, the last thing you care about is rewiring your brain’s neuropathways; you just want to get through the present moment. I am a big believer in therapy. This is not therapy. This is simply me creating an environment where people can feel safe enough to feel whatever feelings come up; an environment that I have feverishly searched for in the past; an environment that lets people be sad, angry, helpless, lonely, lost, scared, and/or confused. We need environments like this. There is so much room for growth when we lean into our negative emotions versus when we bury them with a blanket of positivity. Some posts will absolutely have coping strategies and will, of course, have a healthy amount of positivity filtered into them; that said, I’m a realist (and sometimes a cynic). Life isn’t perfect. Why do our emotions have to be? I welcome you to The Life Sucks Coach. Sit back, relax, and feel all of the feels.

The Terms

By participating in discussions on the blog, social media accounts, or future training services and by reading my website copy, blog posts, email blasts, and social media updates, you acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychologist or health care professional, my posts and/or services do not replace the services provided by healthcare professionals, and my opinions and experiences are my own and are not to be taken as legal-binding canon. My words should not be substituted for counseling or support from a healthcare professional. My comments, suggestions, and general bits of life advice are my opinion only. I will not counsel you in any way. My role is to act as a guide; nothing more, nothing less.

In layman’s terms, I’m good at what I do and I have a lot to offer. With that being said, I am just a blogger. I am not a therapist. Take my words with a grain of salt.